Sync A Fork

First Clone Fork

Clone the forked repository in your local PC as below

git clone

Adding Original Project Repository to Local Remotes

Add Upstream(Original Project Repository) to your list of remotes as below

git remote add upstream
# 'To Verify'
git remote -v

Whenever to update fork with the latest upstream changes, first fetch the upstream repository's branches and latest commits to bring them into forked repository:

# Fetch from upstream remote
git fetch upstream
# View all branches, including those from upstream
git branch -va

Checkout forked master branch and merge the upstream repository's master branch:

git checkout master
git merge upstream/master

If there are no unique commits on the local master branch, git will simply perform a fast-forward. However, if you have been making changes on master you may have to deal with conflicts. When doing so, be careful to respect the changes made upstream.

Now, your local master branch is up-to-date with everything modified upstream